Gregory Rains
"Life's greatest adventure begins with that magical journey into each other that ends in true friendship. " G.D. Rains.

Hey future friend! I'm Greg… 48 years young musician and artist from Dallas, TX who loves good conversation with good friends, exploring new experiences, and just enjoying the simple beauty of life. The quote above captures the essence of one of my greatest joys of life: Getting to know and share friendship with people like you. If we become pen pals I hope to share our ups and downs, explore our thoughts and feelings on life, and over time, build a meaningful, lasting friendship.

But before you make up your mind, let me tell you a little more about me.. First and foremost, I truly believe that every moment of life… Mine and yours, is a precious gift to be cherished and enjoyed with love and gratitude, so I try my best each day to find my happiness wherever I find myself. But while that optimistic mindset has helped me rise above the injustice of wrongful conviction to live a relatively happy life, I know it could be much more if shared with a true friend.

I spend most of my time caught up in my passion for the arts(as a singer-songwriter-guitarist, painter, and portraitist), immersed in my academic pursuits (in philosopjy, psychology, science, and history), or answering my calling to help people find healing and happiness (as a counselor, life coach, and teacher).

As you can see, I live a pretty full life, but there's one thing missing: a friend like you. So I hope you'll drop me a line telling me a little about yourself so I can send you an in depth letter right away. Hope to hear from you soon! Until then, take care!

Gregory Rains # 1263010
McConnell Unit
3001 S Emily Drive    
Beeville, TX 78102 USA
S Assault
Release Date
2083  Parole 2033
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