Eric Bergstrom
Hello, my name is Eric. Awesome you found me. It's no accident.

I believe there is a "divine meaning" to everything and if we search deep enough we can all learn from each other and share a deeper meaning to our lives.

I am kind, caring, a giver, nonviolent, romantic man who knows how to treat a lady like a princess. I am a blue-eyed, and some rock-n-roll, part cowboy. 5'10" tall, very physically fit. I ski, client, camping, travel. I've been to the top and seen skid row too. Somewhere in between is where I'd like to be. I am a welder, shipbuilder, oilfields by trade.

I am interested in meaningful, growing friendships. I relate well with the younger generations and where I see this world going. I grew up in the Rocky Mountains my family's Arabian ranch. I like muscle cars like the Mustang in my ad I build the when I am free, would you like to be a part of the fast car? Then let's start the dream now.

I have a good sense of humor and can be very funny. At first I am quiet and shy but I have a deep well of strength, "still waters run deep". I'd like to do some world traveling when released.

I'd love to hear from anyone earth of any religion race, creed or color. I am a good man who made a bad choice, but have rose above my circumstances. I am now stronger and wiser for it all. Looking forward to starting life with new friends you want to be a part of my life, if new love grows.

I am brave and believe love is a lot of the worlds problems. So we must be pre-love also. And if you're still reading is that we make shares common interests and dreams for the future?

Are you looking to grow spiritual ways?
Are you looking for a friend who will be there when life throws a fast hardball?
Do you like "Bad Boys"? Who have learned the tough lessons in life still love living in spite of time?

If you read or see anything here that interest you I truly enjoy hearing from you. Think it over and respond to me with your thoughts and feelings? I'd love to share our journey as a team. I believe destiny is our side, do you feel drawn? Then follow your heart my friend. I am a diamond among stones, as you read of the others. Let me prove to you I am a one in a million and together you and I can outshine them all. You have a friend in me if you so choose. Would enjoy hearing from anyone and I urge the younger generation to write and learn all you can from us who have lived so fast

Be safe my friends. Peace and love to you.
Eric Bergstrom # 1258725
Polunsky Unit - 12
3872 FM 351 South
Livingston, TX 77351 USA

Women, Friends
Caucasian, Native American
Buddhist, Native American, Morman
2020 or 2024
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