Steven Wiederhold
Steven Wiederhold # 1255817
McConnell Unit
3001 S Emily Drive
Beeville   TX   78102   USA

My name is Steen and I just wanted to introduce myself/and tell everybody a little bit about myself and describe myself. I’m not originally from Texas, I’m originally from Indiana but, come to Texas when I was a kid I have dark hair and hazel eyes. I am wanting to find someone that is very open minded and not judgemental about things/someone that we can go back and forth with and to get to know one another.

I've been locked up now for almost 19 years and so to be honest I’m not for sure what kind of relationship[ that I am looking for, because I believe that God will put people in other people's lives for a reason and so if it is meant to be then it was meant to be, but I am open to anything.

I’m not much into sports but I do like to draw and when I’m not drawing then I like to read a good book. I love a good romance book or a western romance but it has to have a good love story in it.

I’m very spiritual. I really believe with all of my heart that I won’t be locked to much longer on this life sentence because next year I am planning on working on a time-out and when I do I believe that I will get it.

EVERYTHING IS IN THE LORD HANDS! The whole time that I’ve been locked up I had never been on any kind of sites and I know that this isn’t a lot to go on so I hope and pray that after reading this, that it will make someone want to come back my way an get to know me, for me and not what they may read on a computer, because there are always two sites of a story and I don’t mind sharing my life with someone or my faith with someone. I am a very big hearted person just looking for someone to be able to do sometime with/and have fun.

Steven R. Wiederhold

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