Dear Potential Pen-Pal,
It is my greatest hope and dream that you will allow me this opportunity to develop a beautiful friendship with you. I believe that any and all relationships start with one, that one being you. You're the key to the beginning of our rise to the top. I'm hoping that you and I will learn all of the essential things about one another in order to achieve success… after all… it's that what growth is all about, learning the boundaries of the other person as you reach new heights, therefore /  achieving growth.   I am a true gentleman deep down and through and through. I love to converse on many levels, including business, personal matters, romance to finance.  At this time I am seeking a female pen-pal. No LGBTQRSTUV sorry fellows. Females only. This female in which I seek should have an open mind and a heart of gold. She should possess an interest in a potentially long-term relationship and or marriage.

As for me  and what I bring to the table, I have an intellectual mind, not to mention I'm sincere to the core of my being.. I love to entertain as well as offer any and all assistance within my limitations. Some describe me as a gentle giant with a compassionate soul.

I would enjoy meeting you and placing a smile 🙂 on your face and love in your heart that will outlast the test of time.

Please join me in this time we are each allotted so that we may construct something so monumental that others will envy us to the point of insanity.  Would you please notify me at your earliest possible convenience so that I might send the first installment of heart-felt letters that warm your heart and delight the soul.

Oh, and if you have a cute and & cuddly pet name, let me know what it is.

Before I close, I leave you a quote from Maya Angelou “The greatest thing you can give someone is your time.”


Arthur West # 1253530
John B Connally Unit
899 FM 632
Kenedy   TX   78119   USA
Arthur West
African American
2 Counts of Murder
Release Date
Serving A Life Sentence
Ad Start:  03-24-22
Ad Expiration:  03-24-23
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