Largo Mitchell
Largo Mitchell  # 124656    
Sterling Correctional Facility
P O Box 6000 
Sterling,  CO 81215 USA
Profound greetings lovely ladies. 

First and foremost, I sincerely thank you for blessing me with the gift of your time and conversation. Whatever destiny has in store for our future, I hope that at least I can gain a friend or perhaps a gem without equal? As we know, this ain't for the faint hearted and you only get out of life what you are willing to invest in it. If your intentions are not pure at heart or you are just doing this to pass the time I am not the person that you are looking for.

I know as you read this the time may seem overwhelming and the distance too far to obtain. All I ask is for a moment of your time and hope that you and I can make love through this pen and pad, to establish some kind of friendship. Whatever comes after? I promise to be fully invested, but most importantly you will not or ever regret your choice if you decide to take this chance. I believe that you can't build a foundation off of lies and false pretense. Also time is to be cherished, so I promise to value your gift.
Women, Friends
African American Native American
Aggravated Robbery
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