Gregory Givens
Dear world,

Seeking: friendship, love, romance, etc.…

I wonder if you could help me out a little difficulty.

I am in search of a pen friend who would be willing to correspond with me as a pen pal. My quest is imperative because of all those around me want to lie, cheat, gossip, and practice many other forms of evil in this den of iniquity. My present incarceration causes me a limitation in access to those I can have operational, uplifting conversations with. So my search is in essence, for someone who will accept me as their friend.

I understand that there will be times when I will need the value of a friend. I have tried numerous websites for prisoners to obtain pen pals, but I have been discouraged because the replies I have received have not been from the type of people I'm looking for.

About me: I'm from the south side of Chicago, I don't discriminate when it comes to women. I work out 3 times a week, I'm 6 feet tall, I have dreadlocks, I'm loyal, honest, intelligent, I love R&B and hip-hop, I love designer close and foreign cars. I have a personality of an angel, I'm a unique piece of leather that's well put together, etc.…

My circumstances are a little complex because of the 9 month locked down program I'm currently in at the moment. I have five months left of this hell in my privileges are very limited. My only line of communications at the moment is mail. When you write, I am requesting a pic of you in the first correspondence so we can get acquainted. Don't let silence be your response.

I don't have any prison pics of me at the moment, but some will be
posted soon. The pics that are posted are recent pics from the streets.

Gregory Givens
Gregory Givens # 12346029
P O Box 1000 
Lewisburg, PA 17837 USA
Women, Friends
African American
PWITD Kilogram Possession of Firearm
Release Date
2030 but Might Be Sooner Due To Prison Reform and Court Motions
Ad Start: 12-27-18
Ad Expiration:12-27-20