Kiheem Grant

I was born and raised on the streets of Harlem, New York City. I grew up with two sisters, my mother, and a stepfather. My paternal father was West Indian Trinidad… And my uncle killed him when I was about three or four years old. My sister was killed in a murder-suicide by her lifelong boyfriend in the Bronx 10-26-15. RIP sis.

Me, I was raised right, and had all the potential in the world to not be a ghetto statistic… But I chose the street life. Consequently, I've spent the majority of my life in state and federal prisons. Actually, the federal prison was how I fatefully ended up in Texas.

In the street life it's do or die, where you had to be the coldest, strongest and most cunning in order to survive the longest.

In prison, in the privacy of this solitary cell… I can show you the "Real" Kiheem. I love to laugh, smile, read, think, write poetry and letters, holding intelligent conversations with universal people, play with and teach children… Most of the things I couldn't do on the streets. Now… I just need a friend.

Special shout out to my almighty peoples Nation ones in Fort Worth's Stop Six & Wichita Falls, Texas...Almighty!!!!!!
Kiheem Grant # 1233771
Allred Unit
2101 FM 369
Iowa Park, TX 76367 USA
Universal Being
Armed Robbery Murder
Release Date
9999 Serving a Life Sentence
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Ad Expiration:02-15-19