Richi Briones # 1221887
Ely State Prison -  5-B-3
P O Box 1989
Ely   NV   89301   USA

Richi Briones
Hi, I'm Richi Briones, I'm 5'9", 230  lbs., 35 years old. 

I was born 11/20/1984 in  La Habra, California. I'm a Scorpio. I'm an artist, I can draw and do portraits. I was a plumber and pipefitter in the union. I'm a fun loving guy who likes adventure, going to the beach, the casinos, hiking. I love to do anything that's fun and exciting.

I live in El Monte, California before moving to Las Vegas, Nevada, to work at the casino doing construction. I love working with my hands. I'm creative, and hard-working.

Since I've been incarcerated I've been keeping my body fit by working out, and keeping my mind fit by drawing for friends and family and reading books to keep my mind fresh. I like scary, murder mystery, criminal/lawyer, fantasy books. But I'm just keeping busy in here while I'm doing my appeal from my conviction.

I'm looking for friends and romance. Someone to share letters and phone calls with and someone who would appreciate the artwork I send them. Someone to laugh with and get to know better.

I can call every other day for 15 minutes, so, if your interested in writing me and getting to know me better please do. Tell me about yourself and what you like and what your interests are. I'm here waiting for your reply so we can begin something great.

Thanks for looking. I'll hear from you soon.

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