Robert Tavares
New beginnings, that's why I'm here.

Looking to meet some new friends, and hopefully more if the chemistry is right. I've made some mistakes along the way, but who hasn't. My heart has a lot of love to give and more importantly I'm a loyal and trustworthy friend. In turn I expect the same from anyone wish to get to know me!

There's no point in lying, since the truth always comes to light. I'm a chef and (ISSA) certified fitness trainer by trade. When it comes to life I believe laughter is the best medicine and and always willing to try new things, twice just to make sure. (LOL).

I believe it's important not to prejudge one another, but in turn to truly give people a chance. I'm Portuguese and speak English, Portuguese and understand some Spanish and Italian. I was born in Providence, RI and moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado 2000. More of a town person, although I do enjoy city life too.

In closing I welcome and invite you to take a chance of getting to know me, you won't be disappointed, and I look forward to seeing your beautiful smile too!

See ya soon
Robert Tavares # 121566  
BCCF  7 M 128T
11560 County Road FF 75
Las Amimas, CO 81054 USA
Women, Friends
Caucasian, Portuguese
Possession Distribution of Drugs
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Ad Start: 12-22-16
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