William G Anderson
William G Anderson # 121302
ASPC - Safford - Tonto
896 S Cook Rd
Safford   AZ   85546   USA
My name is Guy, I’m looking for someone to get to know and pass the time with. I want to be able to reconnect with a world not filled with concrete and fences. To be able to make interesting and new friends. I could list all the cliches about liking long walks on the beach, being a good cook, or liking music, but that’s not going to happen.  I might as well say that my hobbies are breathing, eating food and drinking liquids.

If you’re interested in writing to me or are just curious who this guy is.  I welcome any and all correspondence and will reply to all. If you want to email me, follow these steps.
1) Go to Jpay and set up an account
2) Go to Securtech.net or the Securus mobile app and create an account
3) Log back into JPay and click the email icon. It will ask you if you want to enroll, click enroll.
4) It should automatically redirect you to securustech.net asking for your user name and your JPay password,with your securustech.net password.
That should link it all together and all should be good.

Look me up, get some stamps, and send me an email.

Ad Start: 12-16-21
Ad Expiration:  12-16-22
Burglary, Murder
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