Arthur Marrone
Hello out there, 

I'm going to be straight to the point in this quick introduction.

My height is 5'11", weight 225 pounds, brown eyes, black hair, and my picture will show you a lot of tattoos. I have good white teeth, and consider good hygiene a must. I love to exercise, and take care of my body. I do not use drugs, and would prefer my partner not to as well.

I am looking for a person to focus on completely, and build a relationship with. I'm not here to judge, so you can be yourself with me. I'm grown and wise beyond my years of 40. Most of my knowledge has come from life's lessons the hard way, but thru my struggles I have learned from my mistakes. I feel it is time to love and heal!

If you're interested please contact me thru Jpay, or thru the mail. I can't wait to talk to you.

Arthur Marrone # 1209916
Wallens Ridge State Prison
P O Box 759  
Big Stone Gap, VA 24219 USA
Women, Men, Friends,
Legal Help
African American, Caucasian, Native American
Release Date
04/07/2038 (GTRD)
Ad Start: 06-29-2023
Ad Expiration:  06-29-2024