Joey Ventris
My name is Joseph "Joey" Ventris.

I am looking for people to write. I have been in prison since I was 16 years old (in the adult system) and I am currently 38 years old. I play a little guitar, mostly country and a little classical. I've written several self published novels (under a different name), and I am taking college classes.

I'm interested in people and place all over the world. I'd like to know where you are from and what you like. I've never been off the West coast and I want to see the rest of the US and the world through your eyes, since I can't travel myself.

Tell me about yourself and remember, even if you think it seems ordinary or mundane, consider my life for a moment. More than half of it spent behind fences and bars. I want to hear what ordinary is or anything else you want to tell me.

While I grew up inside and many of my friends are in gangs I never joined. It's not my interest. I enjoy reading, fantasy, history, non fiction, anything with a good story or good point. I enjoy "The Office", "Seinfeld". "Games of Thorns" and a lot more.  My family comes from Cornwall, Finland, and Croatia, but I'll write anybody anywhere.

I am not looking for a relationship, but I am open-minded. I did years of Toastmasters (a club called "Tabula Rasa" where you give different speeches) and I love the psychology of markets. I am an active fan of trading options (on stocks and ETF's) and crypto currencies, but I do not care if the person I write likes this kind of stuff. I like surprises and I like to write so I look forward to hearing from you.

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Loosely Catholic
Felony Murder & Robbery I
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