Berman Justus

Hi my name is Berman Justus # 1194755.

Every day I take a step forward to become a better person. I enjoy working both body and mind. It may sound weird but because  prison has made me the person I am today I'm glad to have experienced it.. This strides I have taken to better myself has given me enough knowledge and talent that I can care for myself and unlike most inmates I won't ask for money. What makes prison so bad for straight people like myself is I can't meet females and it limits me on ever experiencing what it would be like truly connect with someone in an open and honest way.

The type of person I'm looking to connect with is someone that is scared to be as bold and honest as I am, not just a friend but a friend that you can trust and lean on and one that you know where the other is coming from because of what they say and do and they do what they say. I'm looking for a friendship that reaches a level that rarely come in one's life. Any relationship or friendship that is expected to last must be built on honesty and I'm willing to reach for what I want.

I'm not looking for someone to impress me for the person they want to be but what impresses me is someone that doesn't feel they need to impress anyone, just be themselves. I don't care if you're shy, silly or have a lot of money. I want to experience the realness of a person. In all my years I haven't experienced a connection with a person. My last pen pal came the closest but she was unable to be real. She's still a great person, in fact the best I've ever meet but I'm seeking more openness and honesty.

Prison has made me a very talented artist and I don't like working weeks on end on a drawing just to sell it for nearly nothing. What I get enjoyment out of and what makes prison time go easier for me is sharing my artwork and other skills with someone that cares about me and one that willing to get to me.

I hope you roll the dice contact me and see for yourself what I am all about. You'll find I'm a one of a kind person. I value friendship over all else.

I am 6'4", 210 lbs. and all of it is heart that needs a connection. You have two ways to contact. My state allows to receive emails all you have to do is go to and enter my name and number, or through snail mail using my address listed.

Berman Justus # 1194755
P O Box 430
Dillwyn VA 23936 USA
Unknown Serving a Life Sentence
Ad Start: 07/11/19
Ad Expiration:07/11/20