Chandell Massie

Two who ever would like to be my new pen pal or companionship partner.

Well let me start off by saying my name is Chandell as you can see. Try and bare with me because this is my first time going at a penpal service.

Well I'm 33 years old from Charlottesville, VA. born and raised. My birthday is October 2 so that means I'm a Libra so I would say I'm a well  balanced person.

Some of my interest I would have to say is taking time to love myself and acknowledge the fact that there is a woman out there who deserves a good man. I've been incarcerated for about two years now have a little over two years left. So I'm preparing myself mentally for my release back in society so right now I'm worshiping the Lord and staying positive.

Far as what I like or enjoy I would have to say, movies, comedy, scary, and romance. I also like to walk the park and watch the sun go down. My favorite colors are red and powder blue. I love ice cream cake and sheet cake. I'm into R&B and alternative music.

Far as the type of female that I'm interested in is someone who can make me laugh with a sweet personality, smart adventurous, know how to converse honest and of course attractive.

Well they say a picture says a thousand words so hope you like it and what I put down on paper. Just feel free to write me a letter and let me know how you feel about what I said in this letter. Oh! And please send a picture with your letter it doesn't matter if you are a BBW or not confident how you look. I just want a good feeling knowing who I'm writing. I'm open to all races, especially Latino, White and Asian.

Chandell Massie # 1190478
Wallens Ridge State Prison
P O Box 759
Big Stone Gap, VA 24219 USA
Women, Donations
African American
Unlawful Wounding
Release Date
Ad Start: 11-16-17
Ad Expiration:11-16-19