King Shatta
King Shatta # 1188166
Haynesville Correctional Center
P O Box 129
Haynesville   VA   22472   USA
What’s going on Free World!!!

I would like to first & foremost start by saying thank u for taking the time out of your day/night to look over my particular ad😊.

Okay so I took the chance at having this ad placed with hopes of connection with someone that I can truly call a friend of mine, regardless of race, appearance, beliefs or any of the known stereotypes that seem to always become a distraction with one good person connecting with another.

BTW, If my Queen was to somehow appear, just know u would not be shun (LOL).

But 2 give u a better description behind this handsome guy covered in Tattoos…I seem 2 get misjudged a lot nowadays due to my appearance (particularly my body art) when in actuality.

I am one of the most understanding, genuine, kindness, lovin & loyal person you will ever meet. However, I unfortunately put my love & loyalty towards some of the wrong people😏. But on a brighter side I am proud to say I've used this time in here wisely by elevating my knowledge on many  levels including life in self.

This experience has caused me to not take anything for granted, instead appreciate the smaller things in life such as my freedom alone.

Being misunderstood really sucks😆. Especially when I have so much to offer…

But enough about me for now…If u have the time that u don’t mind investing in getting to know me much more (which u won’t regret

Please don’t hesitate to contact me at my info that's provided.

For much more convenient & quicker response you can email me directly through using But if snail mail suits up better that's fine as well…

But in the meantime take care & be safe out there…And know that I’ll be awaiting 2 hear from you 😙

Ad Start: 05-12-2022
Ad Expiration:  05-12-2023
African American
Believe in God
Robbery, Use of Firearm
Release Date