Roy Fincher
Roy Fincher # 1187818
Keen Mountain Correctional Center
P O Box 860
Oakwood   VA   24631   USA
My name is Roy. I am from Birmingham, Alabama. 34 years old. 5”11, 160 lbs. Fun-loving, compassionate, respectful, ambitious, single black man with a vintage swag. I have no specific preferences & am open to meeting friends from all walks of life, different cultures & backgrounds. I value my time & I appreciate & value genuine friendships & if you're someone who’s understanding & willing to accept my circumstances as it is at the moment. Then I believe we can make this work.

I've been incarcerated since the age of 17. I will be eligible for parole in 3 years (2025) & I am working hard everyday to better myself in every way possible so when I finally am eligible, the parole board will clearly see what a reformed &  rehabilitated man looks like.

I've been preparing myself for the day I am released. I am dedicated & ready to work till no end until my greatest vision is brought to light for communities nationwide to see.  I am currently working on establishing a foundation & program. (Redirecting Our Youth Foundation.) A non-profit I am creating to help save the lives of at risk youth who are paving the wrong path for themselves.

My mission is to recruit troubled teens & young adults & provide them with job skills through on the job programs while instilling positive leadership qualities for them to transform socially & economically depressed communities into healthy & prosperous communities. Uplifting one community at a time.

What I’m looking for is to make friends with mature adults. Like minded people who would like to be a part of what I’m striving to establish. People who will support & assist me along the way. Kind, truthful & loyal people.

I welcome all supporters. EMail me. ( Roy Fincher #1187818 I’ll be very  pleased to meet you!

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Women, Friends
African American
1st Degree Murder
Release Date
Parole Eligible 2025