Alfonzo Percer
Alfonzo Percer # 1182651   
Red Onion State Prison
P O Box 1900    
Pound, VA 24279 USA
I'm in search for a woman who's adventrous, open minded, optimistic and free spirited, strong willed, not easily persuraded, but willing to compromise and knows what she wants and is capable of loving and being loved.

I'm 34, I have been incarcerated since I was 19teen, and will soon be released in 2022, at which time I'll be relocating to Fayetteville, NC.

I enjoy reading things that's spiritual in nature, self help and or educational based, listening to music and obersving nature, never been camping, but would love to. I'm not religious but I am a spiratual person.

You can write me at address provided or for quickest response go to and open an email account under my name and state number and I'll be able to email you straight to your cellphone.

Release Date
Ad Start: 02-13-20
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