Tevin Spencer
First I just want to say to all potential pen friends don't hesitate to pick the pen up and help me gain what I lack. I need a friend! Someone I can write that don't mind being themselves and brutally honest with me on paper.

I'm not askin' for no relationship to be honest, I just want someone I can understand that's not afraid to take a chance at life and open up. I want to be able to write someone about anything and vice versa.

I'm young 23, but askin' for all pen friends to be 30+ in age. I want a grown woman that knows what she wants and how to go about obtaining it. And that can balance me out and understand me for who I am and could be.

I'll never betray to be something I'm not. I'm me! I value my word, big on loyalty, live on principles and morals. Overprotective over my family and loved ones. I try my best not to lie whether the truth hurt or not. But at the same time it's a crazy side of the too that don't tolerate BS nor my kindness being took for weakness. I'm the most levelheaded coolest person to be around.

I like all race so whoever is welcome to write, just be who God created you to be. Anything you want to know about me just ask and "any female who witness the struggle, loyal and want to be loved seriously get at me.

Tevin B Spencer ID # 1180041 they can't hide me for ever so don't hesitate to let your presence be known, even if the odds are stacked against you so as I drop my pen pick yours up.…

Tevin Spencer  # 1180041
633 Old Landfill Road
Taylorville, NC 28681 USA
Women, Friends
African American, Black, Jamaican
Intimidating a State Witness Malicious Conduct
Release Date
2019 But Has Open Case(s)
Ad Start: 05-18-17
Ad Expiration:05-18-19