Steven Wingate # 1168087
Alexander Correctional
P O Box 247
Phoenix   MD   21131   USA
Steven Wingate
Yes it's me, the one an only Steven;  also known as Syncere.  I am serving time for attempted pimpen an assault with a bankroll (LOL).

Nah, I'm just playing!  As you can see, I have a big sense of humor.  I put this message in a bottle hoping that the waves from the ocean washes something beautiful upon the shore.

Life itself is full of twists and turns an, we are not always prepared for the unexpected.  However, it is faith that has brought me through an to the front of your vision as your eyes stare into the eyes of these pictures.

I have a passion for working out an eating healthy.  I believe in keeping the body an mind physically an mentally prepared for the purpose that my future beholds.  I am a country boy at heart an loves fishing;  you're probably thinking ewww…(LOL).  yes, it's hard to believe because I look like a pretty boy huh?

I have never been outside of North Carolina.  I believe that I am going to leave North Carolina an start over at a new location when I get out.

I am a dreamer an, a firm believer in turning things into reality.  I am a High School graduate an look forward to always furthering my education.  I look forward to getting my CDL’s  an owning my own trucking business.  I want to travel and see the world with someone.

My journey in this lifetime has yet to start for I see no end without a significant friendship.
Sail with me upon this journey for there is much more to discover….

I will speak with you soon!

Women, Friends,
Legal Help
African American
2nd Degree Murder, Robbery
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Ad Expiration: 11-04-2022