Terrance Gibson
Terrance Gibson # 1167260
Memorial Unit
59 Darrington Road
Rosharon   TX   77583   USA
Hello! How are you doing? I hope you are doing fine and that you are in good health and spirit. My prayers go out to you and your family during this pandemic. I’ve been on this site B4, a few times. Yeah, I know you are probably wondering why I’m still getting on it. Well, I’ve yet to find a sincere and authentic friend, cause that‘s really what I need and am in search of someone to help ease this pain of loneliness that I’m experiencing. I don’t ask for much except for support, mentally and emotionally, from someone who likes taking pictures and wouldn’t mind helping me keep my mind in the world and out of my prison life. I understand when people look at my “length of sentence” it deters people from wanting to reach out and get to know who I really am. Just know I’m much more than a prisoner. So don’t be afraid to take a chance to get to know me. Who knows what the future holds?

Some of the things I like doing are playing chess, reading, working out, learning and I like all types of music. I don’t discriminate. Race and physical aspects don't matter to me, I just ask that you be of age and come with open arms, a sound mind and soul, as well as a good heart and an optimistic view of life.

Whomever is reading this right now, I hope you might consider allowing us to get to know each other. Don’t hesitate to hit me up thru regular mail or www. JPay.com  whichever you use, remember to leave a return address. You could also register your phone number through www.texasprisonphone.com, so we can talk.

God Bless, Sincerely, Terrance

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Women, Friends, Legal Help
Black American
Aggravated Assault Aggravated Kidnapping
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