Marcus Rael
My name is Marcus Rael,

I am currently serving a sentence in Idaho Correctional institution in Boise for Aggravated assault on peace officers. I have 3 1/2 years before I see the Parole Board.

I am looking for someone to correspond with. I am not looking for a sugar momma, for I am financially stable. I would like to write someone with similar interests.

I love to laugh and have fun no matter the situation. I am all about bettering myself for a harmonious future. I spend most of my day at school, and on the weight pile. I believe looking good is a part of feeling good.

At 6'3 217 pounds  I enjoy all aspects of physical fitness. I also enjoy snowboarding, dogs and family time. I believe, " this isn't a setback, it's a setup for the comeback!" That is the way I look at this situation, I am a Arizona city boy with an old soul and a young spirit, hoping to be defined by the life I leave behind in the end. The destiny of my past has mingled with the fate of my future for the sake of divine providence. My near death experience has now opened only doors that are meant to be. Therefore, I am looking forward to the new people that I meet so that we can take each other to greater heights.

You can write me on Jpay as well.

Marcus Rael
Marcus Rael # 116643
P O Box 70010
Boise, ID 83707 USA
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