Robert Butler
Robert Butler  # 1164772    
River North Correctional Center  
329 Dellbrook Lane
Independence, VA 24348  USA
Well hello. I'm 45 from Brooklyn.

I'm seeking a woman that's genuine and willing to share her wonderful personality, great sense of and life experiences with me. Nationality does not matter to me it's about what's in a woman's heart.

I need a woman that wouldn't mind to uplift my spirits and blow my mind in adult conversation. While I go through these temporary dark days in my life, what I do with myself, I love sports, baseball, basketball, football, volleyball, reading, doing legal work, exercising and education. I try to make great universal scribes to learn something new every day. I also take great pride in assisting and helping others behind these walls and legal work and life issues.

Characteristics of me are strength, determination, patience, sincerity. I'm ambitious and stay positive & motivated even under my present circumstances. I also be interviewed by the Virginia parole board every first quarter of the year.

If you want to contact me you can sign up on they have an email app you can place on your computer or cell which is free of charge. It will provide you with the necessary information to contact me directly. Use this contact me ID# 1164772

Hope to hear from you.
Robert Butler
Women, Friends, Legal Help
African American
Murder, Firearm, Conspiracy To Distribute
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Ad Start: 09-07-17
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