Richard Goode # 1164436
Red Onion State Prison
P O Box 970
Pound   VA   24279   USA
Richard Goode
Dear friend,
I am not the same young man that entered prison 29 years ago. I have matured into a 49 year old man who has spent the last two decades accepting responsibility for my actions, learning from my past mistakes, learning to love myself and others and doing what I can to show others that I deserve a second chance at life.

I feel comfortable asking you to invest in me because I have used my incarceration to invent myself. I have worked tirelessly to further my education and broaden my mind. For example: I completed adult education levels one through five, obtained my GED, received vocational training in several areas, obtained an associate's degree in counseling and I have completed all available prison programs. My achievements are only remarkable because I could barely read and write when I entered the system in 1993.

I am especially interested in connecting with someone who understands that love can break the chain of sowing and reaping loneliness by watering the seeds of friendship. Unfortunately, it took the cold reality of prison for me to experience true brokenness. Howevwe, my broken pieces have taught me the value of one soul and that love is something we give and not something we receive.

My first love is writing poetry. After publishing several poems, I realized that my poetry has given me a powerful voice in which I can use to touch people in places I couldn't physically reach. I hope that my poetry expresses to people that different times come to everyone, yet it is our response to trials that define who we are.

I also enjoy reading. My Favorite subjects are zoology and  world history. I love cooking, chess, yoga and boxing. In the Free World I enjoy fishing, swimming, hiking, gardening and long-distance bike riding. I spent part of my childhood living on a farm, learning the Cherokee way. I love all animals, especially dogs. When released, I hope to own a successful dog training and pet-sitting Company.

I am in search of the right woman, someone who knows that healthy relationships are made of matching values, strong character, in emotional maturity, loyalty, “trust” and commitment.

I long for a special friend who believes she can be a light of hope in someone's life who comes from a dark past; someone I can grow with, learn from and who will encourage me as I prepare to enter Society. I could be free via “parole” as soon as the first quarter in 2023.

I am not weighed down by unnecessary expectations. If you are comfortable being you and willing to search for love and friendship in an unusual place made of time and steel, I promise to appreciate and accept you as you are.
My understanding comes from knowing we are all connected by our need to be loved and appreciated and although we cannot always remove each other's heavy burdens, we can share each other's experiences by simply listening to each other and learning what makes each other beautiful on the inside.

Although I am a “King'' searching for my “Queen”, if you feel alone, forgotten, underappreciated or simply want someone to talk to, please  allow me to share with you the wisdom, peace and laughter life has given me.

Sincerely yours,

African American, Native American
Robbery, Larcenies, Sell of Cocaine, Malicious Wounding, Assault, Burglary
Parole Early
Ad Start: 09-15-2022
Ad Expiration: 09-15-2023