Bobby Harp
Bobby Harp # 115805   
P O Box 70010 
Boise, ID 83707 USA
My name is Bobby Tyler Harp. I go by Tyler or Ty.

I am looking for a female  & penpal to share my days with. I am also looking for someone who would like to share their days with me too. I am a good listener and take criticism well. I want to be a positive person in the life of those I become a part of.

I am easy-going & get along with people in general. A little bit of manners goes a long ways with me. Respect & treat others how you want to be treated, also my motto. I am spiritual & I believe in faith & loyalty.

In here I work out & I work in the kitchen, so I'm working too. I don't get paid alot but at least I have my dignity. It's easy to become lazy in here but that's not me. I have Sundays off so I watch football all day. I love football. I have all kinds of reasons why Sunday is my favorite day. In case you wonder I am a Sagittarius too. When I was out I was landscaping. When I get out I plan on going back to college, but this time for landscape design & I want a business degree.

I play guitar, I like all kinds of music, I like to read & write, I like to relax after a hard day of work, kickback & watch a good movie, in here and out there, only out there I like to cuddle.

Please don't hesitate to write. I can receive emails just go to and look for my name & make yourself my contact. I will respond to any & all emails & letters.


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