John D. Smith
I've endured over  4 decades and have done so by maintaining a positive outlook and overcoming every obstacle… Always seeking self improvement.

I'm seeking a companion/friend because I find it extremely lonely in here… So I read and study intensely with no one or any way to express myself. I'd like a meaningful mutual exchange of words, experiences and the ability to share emotions… Judgment free. Overall growing as a result of a potential relationship/friendship that may spawn… Given invested energy. I'm willing to share any detail of myself… If a similar exchange is offered. I long to learn, express, absorb and discover new meanings to love and friendship.

About me: I'm 49 (which I hear is the new 39) ,6'  200 lbs. I'm in good shape and I'm very active. I have green eyes, full head of brown hair (with a well earned gray mixed in). I'm very witty and love to laugh. I feel laughter is the key to staying and feeling young. I have a great outlook on life and am a very positive person. I love music and am a lead singer in a band. I love motorcycling and sunset walks, hand-in-hand, with the person that has captured my heart.

I'm looking for like-minded people to correspond with. So tell me all about you. I look forward to hearing from you. Be safe, be happy… Smile and enjoy life.

John D. Smith # 11563027
P O Box 1000
Talladega, AL 35160  USA
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