Bobby Gentry
Bobbie Gentry  # 114960   
BCCX-Unit 11 Men's Complex
1045 Horse Head Road    
Pikeville, TN 37367  USA
So, here I sit… Unable to get myself  outta this mess. And there you sit, reading this.

I try my best to get your attention, to say just the right thing. I can't help but lay back on my bunk, with my hands clasped behind my head, staring at the ceiling & wonder how long must I wait b4 I find some happiness.

I want someone to push up on me, and tell me everything is gonna be okay, to whisper it in my ear. I want someone tired of letting happiness slip through their fingers, Tirid watching everyone else get what they want. Despite my predicament, I have a value system, and loyalty is at the top. At times I feel as if I feel more deeply than others. I seem to love harder, hurt more than others. I can't help but wonder about the nature of our existence, about where we come from, and where we go when we die.

What kind of things do you wonder about?
What sort of things tickle your imagination?
Do you marvel at the number of stars in our universe?
Wonder if there are forms of life out there?

The older I get, the less I seem to know, but I learn constantly. One thing I've learned is that I am capable of walking this path alone, but I want someone to walk with me.

We can write, talk on the phone, and even visit. I won't give up to I find someone with a kind heart & wild imagination.

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Serving a Life Sentence
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