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Jose Gonzalez
Hello there, glad you are reading and learning about me, so let me share a little and introduce myself.
You might consider me a ‘ Big Guy’  being 6’ 2”  in height and weighing 280 pounds.  My middle name is Margil and that is what my friends and family call me.  I have brown and slightly wavy hair.  My eyes are also Brown altho I am often told they look hazel.  Proudly I'll admit to being a Leo.  Lived mostly in Dallas Texas but moved to Denver, Colorado in the late 90’s.

Hobbies I enjoy include coloring, listening to good music (anything ranging from classics like Bob Dylan, Otis Redding and Janis Joplin;  to newer artists such as Jason Isbel, Black Pumas and Brandi Carlile),  reading, playing handball and cooking.  Matter of fact I'm a talented cook and actually cooked supper for the staff & officials for over a decade.

One of my best qualities is an exceptional ability to lift people's spirits and putting smiles on their faces when things aren't going good for them and they are feeling down.
My personality makes it easy for me to find  and point out positives from negative times and situations.  My attitude and  good sense of humor help me to find and share solace through laughter.  Honesty is quite valued and important to me.

I love animals of all kinds but dogs & cats are special to me in their own way.  Actually My favorite charity to support is “Paws In The City”, their primary focus is in saving animals in North Texas shelters from being put down and finding them forever homes.

I'm new to this pen-pal thing but realizing the wisdom in Clarence Oddbody's quote “No man is truly a failure, if he has friends”.  My goal is to find and establish friendships.  People with whom to share about life, its trials and triumphs.  Open to communicating with people from anywhere.  But to be honest, recently I became aware of how much need there is in my life for a woman's voice, her opinions and perspective,  since I have been exclusively surrounded by men for all these years.  I'd certainly welcome talking to a woman who is mature and willing to share her opinions, observations,And thoughts on life, faith,  current events and random topics.  This does not mean that men are not welcome to write, anyone willing to give friendship a try is welcome.

There is so much more I'd like to share but rather wait  to tell you personally.  Can't wait to hear about you as well.  Hope this is the start of an everlasting friendship.

Patiently waiting,
Jose Margil Gonzalez

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