Jesse Walters
Hey there “Que Pa Sa?  My name is Jesse Alberto Walters Sr.  I’m 41 years old my nationality is 100% Colombiano (Latino)!  I was actually born in Medellin, Colombia, but moved to the United States when I was a kid.  Yes, I am a United States citizen J  Don’t trip, I’m not getting deported on you!  I’ve lived overseas for a number of years, but found myself in North Fresno, California as a young teenager, and to be honest, that is where I fell to the system.  Eventually I moved to the Midwest and found my place till I fell with the Feds.
I come from a strong religious family.  I was actually raised Lutheran, but am now non-denominational. I’m a firm believer in the Lord and pray that I walk out these doors one day!  It’s because of our Savoir that I’m alive here with you today!
My supervised release date is 2029, which brings me to my crime.  I received a 20 yr sentence for conspiracy to distribute & distribute methemphetimine, I’m over ½ way through my sentence and been focusing on bettering myself as a man as well as pursuing my education & a trade, anything that I will help me get ready for that door.
I’m actually a barber, an artist & an athlete, my true passion is art & tattooing.  Between those two, I’m able to financially support myself.  God has blessed me with those talents and I’ve been able to survive and live comfortable with my people!
As for myself, I’m a pretty laid back Colombiano.  If I’m not slangin ink or working on art, you can find me on the field playing soccer or on the court playing handball or basketball, like I said I’m an athlete and love to stay in shape.  I’m tall-about 5 10-5-11 and 180 lbs.!  Golden brown and covered with tattoos, brown eyes and black hair, when I have hair.  LOL!  I work out and am an outdoorsmen kind of guy.  I enjoy reading and love music!  Pretty much listen to it all.
I’ve been down awhile and been through a lot in my life!  I’m straight and actually just looking for somebody who’s real and not on no B.S.  I’ve done the prison website thing yrs. ago and it was kind of all over the place!  I’m going into this open-minded and frankly just trying to meet somebody to correspond with has common interest and loves life as much as I do!
Due to “Covid” the Federal DOP system is locked down, so at the moment we are limited to letters and email only.  Once we come off lock-down, we have access to phone & email, so plz feel free to send phone # as well as email address to correspond with in a letter.  I’ll always write back and answer mail.  I look forward to hearing from you!  Thank you for taking the time to view my post…

Jesse Walters # 11467-059
FCI Berlin
P O Box 9000
Berlin   NH   03570   USA

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