Robert L E$rickson
Robert L Erickson # 11360-073
F C I Allenwood Medium
P O Box 2000
White Deer   PA   17887   USA
Winyan’s Aho! Pilameya! for viewing my profile. I hope you are looking for a long-term relationship. I wish to relocate. I'm not judgmental. I stay humble inside these walls. it's hard to explain a certain type of female I'm into. A horoscope book says Capricorn & Cancer signs compatible with mine. Is it true? My ideal lady will be able to give me her unconditional trust. I didn't say love because I believe if you love someone, it's the same as trust. And if love is not there, it will appear if we trust in one another. I'm the silent type so you must be the talker. Tell me about yourself, I'm a good listener. I'm the type of person who always looks for the beauty inside that Takunsila!  blessed  her with. It's not always beauty that counts. Takunsila! didn't mold us to perfection. It's what I believe makes us all interesting and unique.

I'm looking for legal help. Would like to further my education to obtain a Paralegal Degree. Need social media help. I don't mind children. I love chess. Love playing sports-not watching it. I give you my word, everything I stand on. I will not hurt your cante! (Heart). I'm Native American from the Sicangu Lakota Tribe.  As a kid I was selected to learn to fly Cessna plane. This took place at Selina, Kansas. Best experience of my life. Earned certificate and flu solo myself. Did three touch and go’s.

I love the outdoors. Enjoy watching Naked and Afraid. Also Series. Please have a sense of humor, I like to laugh. It helps keep the gloom of this lifestyle from embracing me. Anyone within 100 miles from me who'd like to be a friend and visit me, welcomed. Want me closer to you? Lastly, you must want me and only me. Don't be a person who’ll easily give up on her man. Due to doubts of others whispering in your head. It's expected as I'm in prison. But I've matured and grown up. I won't betray your trust. Understand this, my word here is all I got and live by!  Besides being of age, no age, race requirements. But being willing to trust and not be alone anymore. Winyan Doksa!  Play my songs: “Hold My Hand,” “Promise”-
Lukas Graham
“Worth it”-YK Osiris

Ad Start: 04-06-2023
Ad Expiration:  04-06-2024
Legal Help
Native American,
Rosebut Sioux Tribe
Sicangu Lakota (Sioux)
Release Date
(Max 2037)