David Ditter
What do you want in life? Hopefully everything I do. Being in prison can hinder some from obtaining what they want. I’m determined to not fall in that category. I know that with the right motivated people in your life who chase their dreams and goals like myself, anything is possible. I’m posting this profile looking to meet new motivated and ambitious people. I really don’t know if I’m looking for a relationship. I just went through letting my guard down with someone and getting disappointed. Life is life and I’m not gonna run from something if it happens again on day. I’ll probably just move with more caution and accept it. In the meantime, I’m focusing on my freedom, family and hopefully new friendships.  I’m very easy going and spontaneous. I have been told sometimes I should keep my thoughts to myself. I just don’t like holding things in. I’m very family oriented and there is nothing I won’t do for mine. Family first…

I enjoy working out challenging myself and body. Music is a must for me, I listen to hip hop for the motivation Jeezy, Gotti and Drake are mu go to. I do listen to Rock and Country as well. Guns N Roses are my rock band and Hank, Garth and Jason Aldean my country guys. Music and working out has really helped me through this journey. I’m also always reading and studying self-help books. Anything I can learn that will be productive in my life. Right now, I’m studying real estate. If I watch TV, its sports, UFC and college football being my favorite. Roll Tide… before my incarceration, I was big on Outdoors, hunting, fishing, camping, dirt bikes and 4 wheelers. You know anything with the family and making memories. I must say, if you’re judgmental, I’m probably not your guy.  I’m incarcerated now for a robbery and someone was shot, which I received Malicious Wounding for, at the age of 20. When I was 18, I received an assault/abduction on my then 17 yr old girlfriend, we were both drinking at the time. We are still friends to this day. Virginia has put me on crime against minor registry for that charge. I have no sex charges. There is not a day go by that I don’t regret the choices I made as a young immature boy. I’ve since matured and grown out of there destructive ways of living, and thinking. I would like to think now I have turned into a decent, caring, loyal and trustworthy man. I will always be honest and real with you. Hopefully you can respect that. We all have a past, some just worse than others.

I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully, we do want the same things out of life!

You can email me at Jpay.com Virginia/ David Ditter #1135696

David Ditter # 1135696
Red Onion State Prison
P O Box 1900
Pound   VA   24279   USA

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