Marquies Fields
Looking to build an unconditional friendship that may lead to some thing so much more.

Now to my few friends and many associates I go by Allstar but my beautiful mother named me Marquies but feel free to call me whatever you see fit…

Unfortunately I'm in prison as you know and like many others in my situation I've made a poor choice… We can touch on that topic the more we get to know one another but I would like you to know that choices doesn't define me.

I'm a man with several talents, morals and values. Two things I hold dear to my heart is family and success, there is definitely room for a third. I'm a single father of two sons, my kids are my everything. I'm 35 years old from Patterson, NJ that knows what he wants out of life…

But enough about me I do believe this is the perfect opportunity to get to know you for intelligence, wit and personality along with your other qualities that makes you an exceptional person. You are exceptional aren't you? Well I do look forward to finding out and if you want to you can download the free mobile app called Jpay and add me so we can continue to build on this newfound friendship.


Marquies Fields  # 1129999/467243C
Northern State Prison 
168 Frontage Road   
Newark, NJ 07114 USA
Women, Friends
African American Hispanic
Release Date
Ad Start: 09-17-20
Ad Expiration:09-17-21