Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith # 1129105
Sussex 2 State Prison
24427 Musselwhite Drive
Waverly   VA   23891   USA
Hello, and thank you for stopping on my ad.

To introduce myself, my name is Daniel Smith but everyone calls me Trey.  I'm hoping to find someone that can look past the distance that separates us.  And if possible, I will know that I found you, someone that has maturity, time and patience that it takes to build a strong, meaningful and hopefully lasting friendship.  I'm from Richmond Va.  And I've been incarcerated on a murder conviction for 24yrs.  I just started going up for parole 2 years ago.  I am not the type to play games with people's feelings, I know the truth will serve me better.  Which means you never have to read in between the lines with me.

I spend my time working In the prison library and I'm currently taking a communication design and graphic arts course.  I do have a 3 yr. plan for when I'm granted parole.  As a Libra, I'm very family oriented and willing to put myself on the line for the people I call friends.  I've never put unnecessary pressure on anyone but I do believe in speaking my mind and expressing myself.  I do believe in taking care one's mind and body which makes always up for new challenges, maybe we can share and learn from each other's experiences, and make some of our own.

I'm a true sports fan and I love live music.  The thing that makes me most happy is being able to make those I care about happy.  Which I do by being thoughtful and supporting.  My present situation has made it difficult for me to meet good like-minded people but I have faith and I keep in mind that it's always hard to question when and where one will find happiness and our only intent is to insure that we do find it.

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Ad Start: 03-31-22
Ad Expiration:  03-31-23
Women, Friends
African American
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Serving A Life Sentence
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