Karon Adams
At one point in your life you do something you regret, well I've done mine. 

"If in my quest to achieve my goals I stumble and lose my soul. Those that know me would cosign that I lived a hard life. No mother, love, chance or guide only following my voice inside. If it guides me wrong and I failed to win I'll learn from my mistakes and try to achieve again."

I'm a good person that chose the wrong. Loving at heart, funny spirit and smart at mind. Not into games. Looking for a heart to protect, a smile to share. A listening ear to build as friends or maybe more. Respectful, trust, good personality.

My likes of poetry singing working out and tatts. To have fun, to grow with, just to be happy and make happy, not letting this time break me but allow me to be better. All in all to not judge or be judged but to share and make memories. Be there for me, let me for you. Be that shoulder to cry on, treat you how you should be treated, love, hold, cherish and never disrespect what can be. You only get one life so why waste it. Time doesn't wait for no one so why not use it to be happy. I'm not telling "you" what you want to hear but what needs to be heard.

Furthermore, yes I'm here for the time being. This trip is only temporary and plus you never know where this may go. I was always told "You only fail when you don't try." What are you into, looking for? Where's your mind at periods so we can pick one another's. You see how to reach me or hit the Jpay. Till next day.

Karon Adams # 1127424/346294D
Southwoods State Prison
215 S Burlington Road  
Bridgeton, NJ 08302 USA
African American Native American
Kidnapping Aggravated Manlsughter
Release Date
Ad Start: 01-30-20
Ad Expiration:01-30-21