Keon Park

Whoever you are, you just come across someone intelligent and open-minded. I'm always inspired to learn something new every day. So allow me to tell you my story.

I was born in South Korea (lived there for about 10 years) and grew up in Shanghai, China (lived there for almost 6 years) and then came to the states (been here since '07). And caught my case and the end of 2010. During that time period, I graduated from high school and attended University majored in political science and minor majored in Chinese (piece of cake, lived there remember?)

I'm 26 now and have been locked up since 19. Although I do have a life sentence (I'm on appeal). I've never lost hope because I'm never miserable or depressed. Moving around as a kid growing up I've become pretty affable, furthermore I look at doing time just as another lifestyle. Sure, I would be lying told you I was scared when I first got locked up, but as the time flew by I lived and learned and realized it was nothing like how I had imagined. So been living my life to the fullest. Along the way I've encountered some great people (what to learn from and what to avoid) and acquired some wisdom and knowledge. My next goal is to understand how currency trading in stock market works, because they fascinate me.

If you've read this far, you're probably wondering who I hope to meet. I want to meet some positive and goal oriented people. So feel free to write me, I'll be more than happy to respond.
Keon Park # 1125971
High Desert State Prison
P O Box 650
Indian Springs, NV 89070  USA
Women, Friends
Murder Kidnapping Robbery
Release Date
Not Available Currently Serving a Life Sentence
Ad Start: 01-18-18
Ad Expiration:01-18-20