Lamonte Defriece
"Let's take a stroll through time "

I am a humble person and would like to make many new friends. As we get closer to my release day let's build a wonderful friendship, we can each learn much and have some fun along the way. We can step down through the days to that great day and share past, present and also places that has brought us great joy.

Our shared hopes, dreams and desires for the future will help us to become the best of friends in the time to come.

If you should wish to stay friends after my release day that would be wonderful also. I await your friendly words, you can open an account with and purchase stamps so we can get started on our journey. I require no funds to purchase stamps for regular mail or emails and or phone calls if you get to the point of wishing to speak with me.

A few hobbies I enjoy are: riding horses and motorcycles, I love animals and just about all outdoor activities.

So come on let's get started on our fun travels and see where it takes us. I will answer mail from any country.

I am 6 feet tall, 198 lbs. Hazel eyes, salt and pepper hair.
If you're looking for truth, honesty and no head games, let's create some wonderful memories.

Lamonte Defriece # 1125800
P O Box 860  
Oakwood, VA 24631 USA
2nd° Murder
Release Date
Ad Start: 01-02-20
Ad Expiration:01-02-21