Tyrone King Jr


Thank you for making the time to read my ad. To be straight to the point, I am hoping to meet one good friend. Just ONE good friend is all I need. It seems like a true, good friend is soooo hard to come by these days but I am not a quitter! I truly believe there is one special friend for me somewhere in the big 'ol world. So, I have decided to reach out through this ad and whatever is meant to be be will be.

So, a little about me… I am a man who tries to see the good in everyone. I am a person who tries to put myself in other people's shoes (using empathy) to understand how I would feel if I were in other people's position. I wasn't always this way, I must admit, but life has had a way of humbling me and has blessed me with the wisdom to see things a lot differently now. Although I am behind these prison walls for the time being, I use my time to grow mentally, to become better, more kind, more understanding and more forgiving.

Most of my immediate family have all passed away and I've never had any children. I'm pretty much used to being alone, on my own and always making my way. I'm a true man. I work for what I need and I am a giver! So know upfront that I am not the kind of guy who will ever ask for a dime. I have my own money and I have all that I need. (Thanks be to God) but what I do not have at this time is a true friend. Someone with whom I can share my thoughts, ideas, plans and dreams with. Someone with whom I can laugh with and grow with.

Well, as I've stated earlier, what will be will be. So if it is you. Yes you-the person who happens to be the one who responds to my ad, I promise that I will write you back as soon as I get your letter. And if you'd like to email along with our letters, you can include your email address in your letter you write and I will write you and share with you how we could communicate through the Corrlinks email system that I have access to here. Or we could talk on the phone. I have my own money. I will pay for all my calls to you. Letters, emails, phone calls, all that good stuff! ") It'll be fun!!

I'll be waiting for your letters and thank you very much for your time and attention.
Tyrone King Jr # 11221007
P O Box 1000
Petersburg, VA 23804 USA
African American
Parole Eligible 10/2020
If you only knew
When You've been Blessed
A wish just for you
A brighter tomorrow
What will be will be
I'm ready for your friendship
Ad Start: 01/18/18
Ad Expiration:01/18/19