Daryl Kaiser

My name is  Daryl Kaiser and I'm seeking "real" people with good hearts. I want my future to not be filled with fake people like my past has been.

I'm really open to anything such as friends, prayers, legal help and even romance if it comes my way.

I'm 6 feet tall, 38 years old and 195 pds. I have been called attractive, but, if you are writing or romance you are the best judge of that. I want to be loved because of my heart how "real" I am instead of by my looks. I have a really outgoing personality and a lot of energy.

I'm currently a detainee in Tulsa, Okla. with holds in Rogers County, Okla and Hays County, Texas. I was deferred probation Texas on 2 separate cases when I got trouble in Oklahoma. I was on bond in Texas on 1st case when I met and had sex with a female at party. Months later they arrested me for having sex with an underage female! I signed probation in 2005 being labeled since then has affected everything in my life relationships to being a parent. Being caught up in the system of judgment

I'm hoping I can find shoulders to lean on adn"real"people that don't judge before knowing the truth!

My favorite Bible verse is "1st Corinthian 13" Love is the greatest of the all!

Write me and let's see where life takes us!
Daryl Kaiser # 1114101 
David L Moss Correctional Center 
300 N Denver 
Tulsa, OK USA
Women, Legal Help
Caucasian, Native American
Not yet on Felony's
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