Nadeem Khan
Nadeem Khan # 1113005   
Red Onion State Prison
P O Box1900  
Pound, VA 24279 USA

Hello ! I hope this message finds you well. My name is Nadeem Khan. I am a funny and easy going man. I enjoy life, nature, history, traveling, animals (especially dogs), movies, music, tennis, bowling, and motorcycle riding.

I have done so much to improve myself while in prison and I keep myself busy with positive things, but at the same time I have become lonely. I am seeking a genuine friendship. I believe that friendship is a gift, the love of family is best, but a friend is someone who gives a part of their heart with no blood ties, and to me that means so much more.

I have so much to share with you, please write and tell me about yourself, and please send  a photo if possible. Please write to me by snail mail or email me through for free Jpay mobile app and emai information.

Take care!

Your new friend (I hope)
Birthday: March 23
Marital Status, Single
Children: None
Education: College
Non-Smoker, Non-Drinker
Favorite Movies: Titanic/Pretty Woman, and some Western
Favorite TV shows: Nature/History/SNL,/WWE
Favorite Colors: Blue/Green
Height: 5'11"
Weight:185 pounds
Seeking correspondence with: Anyone

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