Waimonushun Smith
Waimonushun Smith  # 111026    
Pine Bluff Unit
890 Freeline Drive    
Pine Bluff, AR 71603 USA
My friends and family call me Shun. 

I've been out of circulation for a while, but I'm not completely behind. I mean, I watch "Big Brother", TMZ, and Game of Thrones. Okay, maybe those don't help my case, but I do know Trump is the worst. Doesn't that put me in a healthy mindframe?

I was born and raised in a small town, Little Rock, Arkansas. I've never been married, but have been very tempted.

I'm looking for friendship with the most humble and authentic. I want to meet people that are true to themselves, those not afraid to present the stripped down version of who they are. Those that can take a joke, even at their own expense. Since perfection is unrealistic, I don't expect it.

My approach to life is hands on, I like to try new things. I do have a healthy fear of pain. But, I also have an inquisitive nature. Despite my past hiccups, it turns out that I love learning about strong value social bonds. Go figure. So there's hope for this underachieving-commitment-phobe, yet, for real though, reach out and touch me. I'll respond to all.
African American
2nd° Murder
Release Date
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