Wallace Gardner
Hello world, sorry for the delay about my ad, allow me to tell you all about my-self. I am 42 years young, 6 Ft 1 inch tall, from North Little Rock, Arkansas. I've been wrongfully  accused, and sentenced to life without parole for a crime I didn't do. I've been fighting with my mind ever-since, which allowed me to build a support team that will hopefully allow me to gain my freedom again, once I prove my innocence in the courts. I spend time reading, working out, writing books and watching TV/Movies-Sports- Daytime Shows-and nite time shows on (CBS)... also, I am soul searching, (Don't think that a good friendship, or love can’t be found inside a prison)! Also, as we all go through the struggle-hardships-of the global pandemic with (Covid-19) my thoughts and prayers are with those of you that may have lost a loved one or a friend and extra thoughts goes out to those of you that's constantly fighting to save lives and to push to continue to educate our children of the future...Thank you nurses-doctors-teachers- legislators-the President-Democrats/Republicans and all of the US military personnel that's been involved since day one…

I write music also and I believe that God allows things to happen for a reason, how many of you believe that we all have a purpose in life, for a long time I didn't understand what my purpose was, until I watched a movie called (WaR-Room) if you haven't watched it, please watch it like right now, especially if your faith is being tested or turn to the book of (JOB) in the Bible, trust me, your mindset will change for the better, I am not a Saint, but I try to stay focused especially in an atmosphere such as prison, because everyone may not be on the same page, or level you are on.

Also, thanks to the male and female actors that try to play roles that will change the world for the better, and scare the hell out of us, because I love horror movies, (LOL)  seriously, to those of you that’s hands on with trying to help with the violence, thank you also, I grow up in the 80s-90s when gang banging was hit hard in North/Little Rock (Arkansas), called  (Banging In Little Rock) aired on (HBO) in (1994) but as you look around the same streets in the/our, Urban streets that we came from...To those of you that is out there doing what you think is real, or cool, just because you here in Rap song, or see it in a Video, that don't make you a gangster, or real at all, you better wake up because it's only (2) roads to that kind of lifestyle, it’s (prison, or the graveyard). Wake up and look at someone's situation, that will never see life again, or freedom again and ask yourself is it really worth it!! To you, who-ever you are, that my words have touched your heart, come closer please, and let's get familiar with one another…

God bless you/yours!
Yours truly
Mr Wallace Gardner

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African American
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