Antonio C Robinson
Antonio C Robinson # 110422   
Varner Unit
P O Box 600    
Grady, AR 71644 USA
Hello, my name is Antonio. 

Now about my life and what I'm looking for. I would rather get up and speak to a multitude of people then tell my intimate details on the world wide web.

I am looking for a virtuous woman who wants to live each day to the fullest. A woman that I can trust.

I come with no games or fake illusions. I've been through a lot in my life with the wrong women for all the wrong reasons and now finally I'm starting a new chapter of my life. All stumbling blocks are being removed and these gates and doors that have illegally bound me will soon be opened.

I am just a humble, laid back, straight forward guy who is adventurous, thoughtful of others and.

If you exist don't hesitate to answer this profile. Let nothing be done through selfish ambition, we should value our spouse and look out for their interests. No act of service is too small or too great. I do not ask for easy paths along life's a winding roads. But for the promised grace and strength to carry all its loads.

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