Derrick Miller
Hello ladies! 

I'm looking for someone to pimp that pen with.

Despite being isolated in prison I've somehow managed to cling on to my social nature and still enjoy searching and intrigued with meeting new ppl. As you may know those whom planned our prisons did everything they could to break all relationships of the prisoner with society. After serving years at the Florence super max (ADX:) I can sadly count on one hand just two ppl who remain loyally connected: my mother and a friend!

A little about me. I'm from Queens, New York. A place known as "Jamaica Queens". Real international and fast moving. A social capital. I'm 5'8" and weigh about 160 pounds. I enjoy exercising, reading, writing and learning new things.

My conviction is conspiracy to bank robbery. I just recently won an appeal under the first step act and waiting to be resentenced to anywhere from 2 to 5 more years till release.

I pride myself with living by core principles of respect, honor and loyalty. PPL say I'm fine, caring and open-minded. I'm very patient and understanding, mature and straightforward. I play no games. What you see is what you get.

This is very little about me, there's much more. However, I'm more interested in learning about you, whoever and wherever you are! So let your next move be your best one and shoot me a few lines and I'll get back at you ASAP!

With upmost respect,
Peace & love
Derrick Miller  # 10906-171
P O Box 8500
Florence,  CO 81226-8500 USA
African American
Catholic in Free Masonry
Armed Bank Robbery Conspiracy
Release Date
12/14/58 Could Change Soon Serving a Life Sentence Effectively
Ad Start: 10-10-19
Ad Expiration:10-10-20