Brian Moore
Are you one of those people that let your dog lick you in the mouth?  

I love my dogs, just not that much, I mean they lick their own rear end clean.  (Wow).

I'm a simple guy don't smoke anything other than brisket, beef or pork ribs. I have no tattoos and don't want any. I can tattoo.

I'm here just looking for a friend, I've been in prison 20 years, locked up in Seg also known as solitary confinement the whole time. I escaped in 2000 and been caged like an animal ever since. What does a man do locked in a cage 23 sometimes 24 hours a day? Well I have learned so much due to self-education, because TDC does not offer Seg anything nor a tv, just a hard way of living.

I'm a fitness nut an artist and a damn good cook. I also sing for those that don't have a radio. I've lost a number of friends over the years because they couldn't handle it. It's a very lonely place here forgot in this cage. My family has forgotten me after 20 years. My mother passed in 2017, I have changed my life so I don't want those old friends that are doing the same thing. No good nothing.

I'm here only for friends. I'm not looking for love or financial assistance. I'd love to take the time out to make a real friend. I'm a loyal man and if I say I'm going to do something I stand behind it 100%. I ask a lot of questions because I know if I don't I could fail you as a friend.

I'll ask you your blood pressure, your heart rate, LDL, HDL what's your favorite tree, favorite place, season, holiday, and 5 million more. I'm a horticulturist, love old cars, animals, I'm a country man and love business, will get into rental real estate among other business ventures I want to try.

If you love art, gardening, feeding people, fishing and love country walks, trees, cooking and working out, riding horses and feeding the deer, fixing old cars and shopping we have a lot to talk about.

I speak Spanish and love to meet people from other countries. I will respond to anyonethat takes the time to write me. I can be emailed through Please include your snail mail address because I can only snail mail letters back in response.

I also make the best cookies this side of the Mississippi River.

Have a beautiful day, please take a look at some of my art. I hope to hear from you. Everything happens for a reason. I look for the good in everything, I found that if I look there's always a hidden beauty in it.
Brian Moore # 1086312
Allred Unit - 12 C
2101 FM 369 N
Iowa Parkd, TX 73637 USA

Women, Men, Friends
Caucasian Native American Irish French Indian
Aggravated Assault X 2 With a Deadly Weapon
2051 Parole Date 04/2022
Ad Start:  01-30-20
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