Earl Fields
Earl Fields  # 1085482   
Red Onion State Prison 
P O Box 970  
Pound, VA 24279 USA
First and foremost allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Earl Fields. I'm 6' 3 1/2", and approximately 286 pounds, I have brown eyes and dark brown skin. I love working out, and motivating others to do the same.

I seek a woman for whom is not afraid to take a chance, one who believes in giving individuals second or sometimes third chances to get it right. I look for a woman that understands that all things for which society has to say about individuals such as myself, that I'm not worthy of love.

I hope that God has motivated your thoughts, not to be driven by pity, but understanding, because I seek not a Queen, but a woman that means to me so much moreā€¦ The Earth. One who understands that I am her axle for which she rotates around.

Needless to say the reflection of each other. In other words, could you be that moon that came to birghten this dark solitary place of imprisonment. If so then allow me to be your sun that warms your days. Now if you feel that you are this woman which I seek, then I look forward to your correspondence, moreever I look forward in taking such a journey with you.

P.S. I seek a woman of any race but must be of the age of 50 or above. With that noted your time and attention is highly appreciated.

Thank you,
Earl Field

African American
Abduction with the Intent to Extort Money
Release Date
05/14/24 Mandatory Date 2044
Ad Start: 05-17-18
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