Anthony Romans

My name is Anthony but most people call me Tony or by my nickname  "Hollywood ". I'm from Lexington, KY, 6 feet tall, 175 lbs. with brown eyes. I'm divorced and have no kids but I love children.

I'm in prison for different things but the main reason is I defended myself while I was beaten by four cops in 1998. I won my lawsuit and there was admitted use of excessive force and police brutality, but when a police officer is hurt by a convicted felon, not much else matters.

I grew up playing sports and made good grades. I planned on college and joined the military, to fly planes. A few bad choices ended that.

When my mom and then my grandmother passed away, I realize I had to grow up. I'm still trying to put the past behind me.

I spend my days working, trying to stay in shape and reading. I like home-improvement shows and the Big Bang Theory. But it's music that keeps me sane! I listen to everything.

My release date is 2028 but I go up for parole this July and with good behavior, I'll be out way before 2028! I've stayed away from trouble and taking all the classes I could. All I can do is wait and hope now.

This is my first time on P.P.P.. I'm not sure what to expect but being lonely sucks! It would be nice to meet some cool people and make new friends. I'm just going to stay open-minded about it. I want to get out and make a fresh start. I still believe life should be an adventure and even better if you can share it with someone we should never stop exploring or learning.

I've made a lot of mistakes and had a few bad breaks. The first half of my life hasn't been what I hoped for. But I've got a second half! Can anyone help me make this better?
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