Michael Allison
We all know loneliness has no friends, and life is too short for missed opportunities.

My personality can be addictive, my attitude is always positive, and the smile on my face never fades. I'm 6 feet tall, 220 pounds, and half Italian with ocean green eyes. I'm from Atlanta, Georgia. I'm not a judgmental person and I do not discriminate. No matter age or race, everyone in the world has a story to tell that could influence my life.

I pride myself in honesty, no matter how brutal it may be. You're only as good as your word and I never try to be someone I'm not. I love to laugh and have fun, I have a great sense of humor, and I never take anyone or anything for granted.

Everything starts with a friendship, and I assure you, this one will not disappoint. You would not be reading this if you are not missing something in your life. Maybe our paths crossed for a reason. I hate to regret a chance I never took.

I'm looking for people from all walks of life who are serious about investing in some quality correspondence. My situation is what it is, I have a lot of remorse for my poor decisions and only wish I could turn back time. If everyone in life were perfect there would be no room for us to learn from our mistakes.

I enjoy working out, reading, writing, traveling and exploring, and anything outdoor related or sport oriented.

My institution also allows email to me at (Gettingout.com) and (Accesscorrections.com).

I hope I sparked your curiosity and left you intrigued to write or email…
Michael Allison  # 10778816
82911 Beach Access Road
Umatilla, OR 97882  USA
Women, Men, Friends
Possession of Firearms
Release Date
Max 2023 Earliest 2021
Ad Start: 04-18-19
Ad Expiration:04-18-20