Bob Leach

Round em'up yall.

Bob here; or you can call me Cowboy, or the greatest cattle wrestler of all time all titles are true, and live you will find a many articles written about me and my adventurous lifestyle. Most are half truths, or down and out lies. I'd like to point out the large picture of the prison visiting over a decade ago in GQ magazine they had said I was the greatest cattle rust of all time. What sort of funny I've never even been convicted for cattle rustling… Currently a book is being written about me that will clear a lot up plus all false writings and set the record straight…

I am placing this bio in hopes of meeting some interesting people to share correspondence with and possibly make a new friend or two. I do believe this is a great way to meet like-minded people from all walks of life. I will write cowgirls, cowboys, and even the right Indian. Ha!

Really am interested in meeting someone that would like to share a long-term friendship, that has the desire to help a lonely cowboy smile. One will really never understand the loneliness prison brings. It would just be nice to be reminded that I do exist and matter.

These years in prison, most of my family has either died or moved on friends are pretty much nonexistent. So I have forgotten what it is like to smile and your letter could change all that. You never know, I may even meet that special someone I could hang my cowboy hat on :)

I love the outdoors, travel, horses, livestock, bull riding, country cooking a hard days work, and of course a lady in a truck. Ye Ha! Will tell you more as we correspond.

Now I filled the days with exercise, music, reading a good book, and writing if I receive mail. Not much else to do. For my age I am in great shape physically, mentally, and spiritually. Usually my sparkling hazel eyes are first noticed. Some days are better than others because of my loss. I feel a void and know something is missing. If you are like-minded and my bio sparks interest to you, I urge you to come on saddle up. Step out of that comfort zone and let share some laughs, jokes, and maybe even some tears. Help me take away from this reality for a moment.

You can be asure of honesty and respect. I am open to this new adventure and ideas. US and overseas welcome to write. Will respond to all.
Bob Leach # 1072303
Estelle HS
264 FM 3478
Huntsville, TX 77320 USA
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