Lorraine Alvanado
Hello world!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Lorraine and I am 29 years old.I am looking for companionship, friendship, and of course genuine suppport. Someone that is experienced, open minded, non judgmental, and financially secured. I have generally preferred women, but am willing to take a chance, if you take a chance on me.

I am very goal orientated, driven, and determined in pursuing my success and happiness. And would like someone to have a vested interest into my future.

I love music, literature, and sports. I have excellent taste in food. I love learning and being productive. I always challenge myself to grow and be a better person. Most importantly I am hungry for change. I am intersted in all walks of life.

If your interested in connecting with me please contace me via mail at address provided. You can also set up an email account @ corrlinks,com, but I am unable to email you. It's best if your initial eforts are through postal mail. I will most certainly respond as soon as I receive your mail. Be sure to include your address and phone numver. This is a prison I am not alwasy able to use the phone, but I am always able to send mail.

I am taking a leap of faith and I hope new doors open. to everyone that reads my profile be safe, Life is too short don't waste the moment.

Lorraine Alvanado # 1071001
4370 Smiley Road   
Las Vegas, NV 89115 USA
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