Kwauyshaun Williams
To possibilities,

Some people don't appreciate true love
Some people don't appreciate a true friend and some people don't know the true value of the moment until it becomes a memory. I'm someone that understands friendship and patience, is important. You have to lay the foundation before you can leave a legacy. A seed of friendship has the potential to grow into the strongest relationship which all goes back to patience. I just want to establish a genuine connection with a woman who knows her desires and wants to be happy.

I understand the value of a true friend and that compatibility reliability, honesty, and loyalty are priceless. So when you get a good friend with these characteristics you should cherish them and that's just what I plan to do.

I'm distinctive, I'm different and I'm ready to embrace something with someone special. Are you?
Kwauyshaun Williams # 1068122
Ely State Prison
P O Box 1989 
Ely, NV 89301 USA
Women, Donations, Legal Help
African American, Caucasian, Native American
Armed Robbery
Release Date
Ad Start: 04-05-18
Ad Expiration:04-05-19