Chirstopher Huerta
If you stumble upon my page your one of the lucky ones. 

Now, tell me something about yourself. I would like to  know what are your ambitions, likes, dislikes, goals, hopes, and dreams.
What's your personality, your zodiac sign, date of birth?
What makes you smile and happpy?
What are things your excited about? What books do you like to read, your favorite food and movie?
What's the longest you held any type of friendship or intimate relationship?
What type of place you prefer to hang out and what type of friends and or partner you prefer?
What's your life story and experiences.
I'm interested and would like to get to know you.

I'm looking for a good hearted compassionate, charitable and caring friend and or woman. One who's open minded, flexible and adaptable. One I can relate to deeply. Someone who understands my circumstances, Someone I can call and or write at anytime and talk to about anything. A reliable loyal person I can count on. Is that you?

Do you lead with a compassionate understanding and caring spirit? If so what do you do for a living?
Are you in a career?
Can you write me? If so we shall see how far we can go. If we can work good together or what. Who knows,? This can be a start of an extradionary and unique venture? Are you willing and ready to see what we can do, the benefits we can provide each other in any and all things? If so don't be afraid to pick up a pen and paper and write me! I can prove to be a committed and loyal friend and or man.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Christopher Huerta # 1064383
P O Box 1000
Carson City, NV 89702 USA

Women, Friends, Donations
African American
1st Burglary
Ad Start:  01-09-20
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